Knowing when leaders approach their best-before date

Published Nov. 12, 2012, in The Waterloo Region Record.

There’s a hypothesis among people who dabble in politics that the average political leader has a half-life of about six years – “half-life” being a term borrowed from science to describe a process of gradual or exponential decay.

A Guide for the U.S. Election

As the American election campaign draws to a close, it is rather trite to observe that the race is extremely close. It has been that way for many months, but especially so since the first debate on Oct. 3. What follows is not so much a prediction, but rather guidelines to look for if you are watching the results Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. If one focuses upon the nine swing states highlighted by the media as still in play, the most likely Obama wins are in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada.

Partnering for Successful Aboriginal Economic Development: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Last week, I was in Sydney, Nova Scotia, at a conference called, “Partnering for Successful Economic Development: Lessons Learned and Best Practices.”  The primary goal of this conference was to “profile best practices in Cape Breton, such as the Unama’ki Model for collaborative economic development and Eskasoni Cultural Journeys, and provide a forum to discuss issues related to the creation and maintenance of successful development partnerships.

A nasty election, devoid of substance

Published on Oct. 29, 2012, in The Waterloo Record.

This United States presidential election has been dominated by two emotions, both of them negative.

One is disappointment in Barack Obama. The other is discomfort with Mitt Romney.

It’s been a nasty election, one singularly devoid of intelligent substance. So perhaps it is appropriate that disappointment and discomfort should be determining factors.

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