A childish episode on the road to government arrogance?

The problem with majority governments is that political parties that are fortunate enough to have a majority tend to assume they have a mandate to do pretty much whatever they wish. When a majority of seats is combined with high popularity in the opinion polls – as is the case with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals – self-confidence can easily become high-handedness and arrogance.

Republicans should blame themselves for Trump

If I believed in conspiracy theories, I could make a case that Donald Trump's American presidential candidacy was part of a conspiracy to damage the Republican Party.

The problem isn't simply that many expect him to lose the presidential election, some recent polls notwithstanding, but rather there is concern that race will adversely affect down-ballot contests.

Will Tory convention produce any surprises?

Federal Conservatives will assemble in Vancouver next week in their first national convention since they fell from grace last fall and, according the hype on the party's website, "It promises to be one of the most exciting and closely watched conventions in our party's history — you won't want to miss it!"